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Human is a social being; he likes to have a company of people of his kind and like. The company of any individual in this world is either family or friends. As we get older and start having families, the family makes a major role in shaping our lives and gives us a purpose to live for. Parents and grandparents form the integral base for the family tree and give the necessary guidance whenever necessary. They lend their hands in an hour of need and shoulder to cry when necessary. Although partners share life with you, parents are the only reason, we all are where we are.

Parental Sponsorship lawyer

Parental immigration

Living away from parents and family is a difficult task, especially when the workplace or education demands a life away from your family and friends. In the case of stay in foreign countries, it becomes very tough to stay close. The only way you stay close in a foreign country is to immigrate them. Parental immigration allows you to immigrate parents and/or grandparents to your country of residence lawfully.

For parental immigration, Canada is the most liberal country with easier and extensive policies. It is way better than the most restrictive policies of other countries like US and UK. Although the process takes time, parental sponsorship lawyer in Toronto makes it hassle free with eligibility assessments and guidance at every step.

Eligibility & process steps

Parental sponsorship lawyer in Toronto’s assessment and help will allow following the process steps as laid by the Canadian government which are stated briefly below

  • Eligibility:

o   Income requirement for 20 and 3 years

o    Evidence of income

o    Sponsorship eligibility

  • Process

o    The applying Canadian should get approval for sponsoring

o    Once above is complete the elders can file their PR applications with the sponsorship

Also, the eligibility slightly differs in the Quebec province in terms of the income levels of the sponsor. Income levels of the sponsor are key in making the decision on the application to be a sponsor. This will ensure that the sponsor would be able to take care of the parents and grandparents while looking out for himself. The co-signer, if applicable, along with you should be able to prove that there would be sustainable income.

Income proof

The incomes of the sponsor, and co-signer if applicable, can be proved to the immigration department by submitting the notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. The taxation of three years preceding immediately from the date of application needs to be submitted. Out of the multiple ways, there are two acceptable ways

  1. a) Give the immigration department consent to access your tax statements directly from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This method would give access to the necessary and would need no paperwork involved
  2. b) Sending the paperwork of the notice of assessment to the authorities. This would need a lot of manual work which can be easily sorted with the help of parental sponsorship lawyer in Toronto.

As mentioned earlier, this lengthier process takes up to or more than one year. Once the process of sponsorship complete, the parents/grandparents of the Canadian can move to Canada for good. Read more immigration and sponsorship news here!

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