The vicious cycles of stress caused by modern lifestyles

The vicious cycles of stress caused by modern lifestyles

Many people today are stressed up so much in their jobs that the stress affects their health. Since we cannot do without our jobs, many people are caught in a cycle where they can never seem to break loose. They have to persevere with harsh working conditions, infuriating workmates, and never ending loads of work. Some work with incredibly monotonous routines that are themselves a cause for stress. Our jobs today are taking away much of our time such that we do not have time for personal matters such as being with our loved ones.

People today are getting stress complications that were not common before. Due to stress, more people are suffering from bruxism. The office stress follows them to their bedroom and even into their sleep. While sleeping they subconsciously battle with their stress by grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws. To avoid damaging their teeth many now have to wear uncomfortable night mouth guards to bed.

Stress is also causing people to add on a lot of unnecessary weight. Many people have a tendency of turning to eating junk foods when they are experiencing stress. Food offers an easy convenient short escape from our busy constrained lives. Since people cannot find time to visit a park, to take a walk, to visit loved ones, or to even watch a decent movie; they instead turn to having a quick bite which will offer some slight refreshment before they get back to their schedule. Snacks and other junk foods can be eaten while walking, riding on the bus, or even while working in the office.

Feeding on this junk foods is causing people to add on a lot of weight which in effect is a source of more stress since the individual will most likely not be happy with the gained weight. Since they are stressed, what do they do, they sooth their stress by grabbing some chocolate or ice cream as they ride home after a tiring day in the office.

Unnecessary weight is also a cause for many diseases and health complication. High on the list of complications caused by excessive weight is heart problems. This is a serious problem in the world that is today claiming very many lives annually. Stress by itself causes extreme strain on the heart. If this is coupled by extra weight, again fueled by stress, the result is the acceleration of the condition turning fatal for the individual.

Unfortunately, stress makes people unable to clearly think and plan how to redeem their situation. A stressed person will often think of the easiest and fastest way out of their misery. As such, we find many turning to alcohol and other drugs which eventually only get them deeper into the vicious cycle of destruction. Some of the people who are stressed by their weight will attempt losing weight through some unhealthy means which will be hugely detrimental to their health later.

The stress and problems associated with stress caused by our modern lifestyles can only be prevented and eradicated by making tough decisions and following strict principles of self-discipline.

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