Buying the right night mouth guard to control your bruxism

Buying the right night mouth guard to control your bruxism

Bruxism is a condition that has become popular in recent times after it was finally demystified and it was discovered that it was a condition that was quite prevalent among the people. It is said that one in every ten people in North America have bruxism.

Bruxism is a condition where the individual grinds his lower teeth against his/ her upper teeth. Many times, it was considered as a natural harmless habit where one would play against the uneven contours of his teeth surfaces. It was later discovered that this habit was as a result of stress. The negatives of teeth grinding/ bruxism is that the individual may use so much force that he/ she will cause damage to the teeth or gums. Bruxism is closely related to jaw clenching. Jaw clenching is where the individual gets a habit of forcefully clenching his/ her jaws. This can also cause injury or harm to the teeth, gums and jaws.

The night mouth guard is a teeth protective contraception that one can use to protect him or herself from these harm.

The night mouth guard is a personal item. Once purchased, it is to be used by only one person. There are some types of mouth guards that are designed to stay two to three days while others are designed to last for a much longer time.

The mouth guard is an item that is used intimately. It is worn in the mouth. As such it should have the highest standards of hygiene and comfort. It should also be able to provide optimal protection against bruxism and other the damages.

The market has numerous kinds of mouth guards manufactured by different companies. It is important for one to be selective when shopping for his/ her ideal mouth piece. For example, one should not buy a mouth piece that will not fit into his/ her mouth. A mouth piece that is too big will be uncomfortable in the mouth. A small mouth guard will on the other hand not fit.

There are mouth pieces that are designed to fit into all kinds of mouth sizes (boil and bite mouth guards). These are good since they do not make one feel uncomfortable wearing the mouth guard. These mouth guards are designed to be used for a day or two. The best kind of mouth guard however is the one where you are fitted and a mouth guard is made according to your exact dental outline. These are quite comfortable and they are made to last.

A mouth guard can last up to five years. It is important to maintain the mouth guard in proper conditions. Most important is to ensure that the mouth guard is properly cleaned before and after use. The dental mouth piece can be washed by mouthwash or by some cool water. It is best to store the mouth guard in the laboratory provided container.

The costs of mouth guards vary greatly between different types of mouth guards. There are the cheap disposable mouth guards that last two or three days while the custom fit mouth guards last much longer and are more comfortable but could cost 5 times more.

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